Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Due Thurs, 2/13

Two things are due this Thursday. The first is your app icon - 2 versions, one in iOS6 style and one in iOS7 style. This is due at the beginning of class. Please format them using the template linked in the below blog post, and flatten a jpeg version to turn in.

The other thing due is: DATA.

For our next project, we're making an infographic. I want your infographic to be data-driven - meaning, it should be built from actual numbers. It could take, as its subject, something as trivial as the number of swear words in Hollywood blockbusters over time, or something as serious as locations and scope of genocides in the past decade. But whatever you're making the infographic about, it should map to some actual, verifiable numbers. So part two of your homework is to bring the data (or a link to the data) you'll be illustrating.

Here are a few infographic resource links, if you're looking for some inspiration/ideas to riff on:

50 Great Examples of Infographics

Vision in the 3rd World

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