Tuesday, April 15, 2014

After Effects Resources

The tutorials that I am basing this assignment on are here:





Click here to download the psd file you can use as a mask or screen to see what will show up on the planetarium dome:


And here are a few tips, for easier reference:

Settings for the project:
1920x1080 pixels (remember, only a center circle of 1050 pixels will be projected)
Open AE, select "New Composition," make sure it's set to HDTV 1080 29.97

Making a layer a 3D layer:
Clicking the cube in the layer allows it to be 3d

Opening the Position, Orientation and Rotation  parameters:
Select the layer you want to adjust, and –
Hit "P" to get Position, and
SHIFT + R to get Orientation and Rotation

Setting keyframes:
open up the layers with the triangle - to set keyframes, click on the stopwatch. You'll get a keyframe setter between the two
arrows on the left of the layer.

Looping a video clip:
Select in properties window, then File / Interpret Footage / Main will give you access to a looping parameter

Particle system - the system used in the tutorial is under:
Effects and presets
CC particle world

Layer > New > solid

Creating a camera:
Layer > New > camera

Create a null object:
Layer > New > Null Object

To right of camera layer, select "Null 1" where "None" is displayed, to "parent: the null object."

To copy and paste properties:
Shift or command select the properties in the layer, then command-c to copy - click the layer where you wish to paste the properties, and command-v. By giving the null object the position properties of your layers, you can direct the camera to point directly at those layers.

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