Friday, May 9, 2014


Don't forget to meet up in the parking lot of the Art Building at 11:30am tomorrow to grab a ride. I'll check in by phone with the drivers.

See you all that the planetarium tomorrow, at about 12:30. We'll start the screening at 1, but meeting up at 12:30 will allow me to gather any files you may have tweaked, and we can check out some of the planetarium exhibits.

Again, the render specs for the planetarium file, if you are making changes/tweaks from the ones you handed in to me on Tuesday, are as follows:

Export as a Quicktime File (.mov)
With H264 Compression
Remember to check the audio box, and export the audio with AAC compression

If you can bring your exported .mov on a flash drive, I can collect it before the screening.

Here are directions to the planetarium, for those of you who are driving:

View Larger Map

Alternately, here are local directions from the planetarium's website:

And lastly - I have a copy of the classes' Lulu book in  hand - it came out well, I think. I'll bring a copy to the planetarium so you can check it out, and if you want to order a copy for yourself, it's a little over $20, and can be ordered here:

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