Thursday, February 2, 2017

I'm out today (2/2)

Hi all. Unfortunately I can't make it to class today – I have to get the kiddo checked out by a pediatrician this morning. Probably nothing serious, but something I've gotta get checked out.

I was going to walk you though some ways of quantifying graphics in Illustrator, to lay the groundwork for your infographic - but I'll leave that for Tuesday. I would like you to do two things before Tuesday – if you don't have Illustrator on your laptop, you'll have to do the first thing during class time today. The second thing is something that can be done with pencil and paper.

So - here are the two things –

1. Please choose what you think is your strongest Alt-NPL logo/bumpersticker sketch, and create an illustrator version of it. Try to pick one that can be easily simplified into vector shapes. If you do want to make an image from something that is a drawing or photo, there is the option to take a bitmap image (which could be a scanned drawing, for instance) and convert it to vector art. Quick tutorial on that here:

So, by Tuesday's class, have one of your sketches mocked up into vector form.

2. Also by Tuesday – please make a pencil sketch (or if you'd like to mock it up in photoshop as a sketching method, that's fine too) of your concept for your infographic. Whichever data set you picked out for today - draw up an idea of how you are going to visually express it. And this is important – be sure to include not just the visuals, but all text you are intending to put into the inforgraphic – a title, and explanatory text giving context or footnoting items, and so on. Again, please look at the link on the previous post for examples.

Sorry, all, for missing out today - and hope you have a great weekend!

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