Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Template for Planetarium

Hey everyone. Our final for this class will start at 11:30am May 5th - a Friday. This isn't the official time, since we're pairing up with the other DART class, so please check the linked finals schedule below to make sure you don't have any other finals slotted for that time. We are going to leave SNC at 11:30 and drive down to the Flieschman Planetarium at UNR – and our screening goes from 1pm-2pm. It will take about an hour to get back to SNC, so the ultimate time frame you want to have clear is 11:30-3pm.


Here's a link to the "hole" for the planetarium dome - place it in the top layer of your AfterEffects or Premiere document. The dimensions for this piece are 1440px X 1440 px.


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